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Corisilk mineral silicate paint

Corisilk is ready-mixed mineral silicate paint for internal and external use, which petrifies with the substrate due to a chemical reaction.



 Thanks to its intrinsic qualities, Corisilk is utmost resistant to atmospheric pollution and can as such be applied in the most severe climatic circumstances.

Corisilk can be applied on all types of mineral substrates like bricks, natural stones, renders and plasters, etc.

Its mineral appearance and excellent light fastness, due to the use of natural pigments, make of Corisilk a very suitable paint for the restoration of historical sites and monuments, as well as for the application in contemporary architecture.

Furthermore, due to its typical mineral properties, Corisilk is utmost preferable for the use in a bio-ecological context and anywhere where the presence of bacteria is a reason for concern (food storage houses, hospitals, schools, etc.).

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