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Unilit 25 lightweight mortar

UNILIT 25 is a dry, premixed lightweight mortar based on expanded volcanic mineral deposits (of varying granule sizes) and natural hydraulic lime.  This natural product has excellent vapour permeability qualities which promote the migration of moisture and humidity from within the structure. 

UNILIT 25 is particularly suited for application onto thermal blockwork and will prevent all known causes of dampness by its natural ability to be able to control the level of moisture retained within the structure. 

This quality is further augmented by superior thermal, mechanical and adhesive properties.

UNILIT 25 can be used in both new construction and renovation.  Irrespective of whether used internally or externally it will regulate the moisture content present within the walls and will prevent the occurrence of mortar joint lines appearing in the render finish.

By its use the specifier ensures the elimination of cold bridging or damage to the structure by thermal shock.

UNILIT 25 lightweight mortar tech sheet.pdf

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