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Unilit 65 base and stone repair mortar

 UNILIT 65 is a traditional premixed mortar based on a natural hydraulic lime binder and a suitable well-graded sand.

UNILIT 65 is characterised by a slow but strong bonding, a high plasticity, a low content of soluble salts and an excellent water vapour permeability. The natural hydraulic lime mortar is inherently stable and designed to reduce problems of micro cracks along with premature drying out.

UNILIT 65 can be applied onto a variety of substrates (e.g. traditional brickwork and natural stone masonry, pre-existing renders and plasters, etc.) and can serve as an undercoat layer, for internal and/or external use, providing that excessive damp or salt problems are not prevelant. In the case of external use the application of a finishing layer is recommended to make the system waterproof.

UNILIT 65 can as well be used in the case of stone repairs and gluing of tiles and stone slabs.

Its excellent water vapour permeability will ensure a durable stone restoration, highly limiting any damage due to frost and/or salt crystallisation. Due to its inherent qualities and historical context UNILIT 65 is recommended for the renovation of old buildings. Lime or silicate coatings are to be applied if a painted finish is desired.


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