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Unilit b fluid x-b injection

UNILIT B-FLUID XB is an extremely fine, ready mixed mortar based on an inorganic binder which is a natural hydraulic lime, and a very fine filler.  Pozzolanas can be added to it, if necessary or desired, to adjust the degree of hydraulicity of the product. 

UNILIT B-FLUID XB is characterized by a low content of soluble salts, a low modulus of elasticity and high vapour permeability.  This binder is perfectly stable and carefully prepared so as to limit problems of microfissures and premature drying out.

This ultra fine mortar is especially meant for injection in between a detached mortar or fresco and their substrate. 

With the help of a syringe, the B-FLUID XB is injected in holes previously drilled in the loose render.  The injection is recommended to be commenced at the lowest point of the detached mortar, working upwards in bands of about 100 mm height, to avoid an overpressure and a complete detachment of the loose mortar.

The binder UNILIT B-FLUID XB will store a large quantity of salts which may come from the substrate and migrate due to humidity.  B-FLUID XB has this capacity due to its great natural porosity and its own low soluble salt content.  This guarantees the performance and extended life of the mortar.

UNILIT B-Fluid XB tech sheet.pdf

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