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Product description of the Unilit 65 base and stone repair mortar

Unilit 65 is characterised by a slow but strong bonding, a high plasticity, a low content of soluble salts and an excellent water vapour permeability. The natural hydraulic lime mortar is inherently stable and designed to reduce problems of micro cracks along with premature drying out. The natural hydraulic lime binder, used to prepare the preblend, conforms to the European Standard EN 495-1, NHL 5 for building limes. The mortar Unilit 65 conforms to the European Standard UNI EN 998-1.


Application area of the Unilit 65 base and stone repair mortar

Prior to application, the substrate must be cleaned and freed of all traces of oil and grease. The substrate benefits from being slightly dampened. Saturation of the substrate is not recommended, as this will influence negatively impact upon the bond of the hydraulic lime mortar to the substrate as well as the aesthetic appearence.


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