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Lime putty

Discover our lime putty products

Rasocal smooth finish lime plaster


RASOCAL is a pure lime putty suitable for salt-and-pepper effects on fine finish lime plaster. RASOCAL is based on selected, pure lime putty, free of impurities.


Rasadecor thin lime filler


RASADECOR is a mineral filler that is used for the levelling and preparation of the substrate. RASADECOR is composed of lime putty, an appropriate well-graded marble powder and suitable mineral additives to assure a good bond. 


Coridor Start


Coridecor Start is a natural, white plaster in a paste form that is made from mature lime putty, marble powder, silica’s and additives selected to enhance adhesion to weak substrates with excellent workability. Due to its vapour permeability Coridecor Start can be used as a finishing material as it is. 



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