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Marble finishes

Coridecor marble finishes products

Decorlux marble finishes

Decorlux is a ready-mixed marble finish for interior use.   It is a pure mineral product enriched with linseed oil.   The main component is conditioned lime putty manufactured from selected raw materials.


Marmolux marble finishes

MARMOLUX is a marble finish made from lime putty, carefully selected powdered marble dust and vegetable additives.   Its porous structure means MARMOLUX is vapour-permeable. 
The surface has a smooth, shiny and marble-like appearance of high aesthetic quality.   


Coristil marble finishes

Coristil is a fine wall covering with a valuable aesthetic appearance with a smooth, cloudy and semi-polished appearance according to the degree of finishing.  CORISTIL is a breathable finish and perfectly vapour permeable. Its formulation gives this type of finish a general mecanical resistance.  Its aesthetic and qualitative characteristics mean that CORISTIL is mainly used in restoration work but it is also suitable for new projects. 


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marble finishes