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Corical lime paint
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CORICAL is a lime paint/wash with a traditional and flat look, which can be applied by brush, paint roller or sprayn.

CORICAL is suitable for application inside as well as outside, and is best used on mineral backgrounds such as lime plastering/rendering, lime paint/wash, brick and stone.

The very characteristic qualities of CORICAL make it extremely suitable for use in the restoration of historical buildings and structures such as palaces, museums, mansions, etc… allowing vapour permeability from the background and strong adhesion.  

CORICAL lime paints can also be applied without any problem unto modern materials and backgrounds that have previously been treated with a contemporary or synthetic paint (except oil paints).  In these cases, an extra coat of stabilizing CORIFONDO has to be applied. 

CORICAL is ideal for marble imitations, special finishing techniques, etc…

CORICAL is a pure lime paint, and has natural anti-fungal, bactericidal, and disinfectant properties and good resistance against acid rain.

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