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Indoors, OUTDOORS, for RESTORATIONS & new construct
Top quality Ecological & user friendly
AD Applications nv
Nonnenstraat 36
2560 Nijlen
Belgium | BTW: BE 0826.667.553

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The company “AD Applications” is the daughter company of “Dankers Decor”.  The company “Dankers Decor” is a Belgian painter company that performs top level painting, decorating, historic restoration, preservation and plastering jobs throughout the whole world, working with below mentioned products, often in collaboration with one of world’s biggest top interior designers Axel Vervoordt (  


Dankers decor is  also purveyor to the royal belgian household for all painting and decoration jobs together with “Dankers creation”, another related company.  This company deals with the entire interior decoration business : from furniture to curtains!

In Europe, we are already partner of almost all authorities concerning national heritage.  Also almost all royal families in Europe are our partner in renovation of their patrimonium.  Since cement is born in the construction world, many architects don’t know anymore the usage and benefits of natural lime…UNFORTUNATELY !!!  The use of lime in renovation is indispensable!  If you want more information about what is possible and why the usage of lime mortars and paint is so important in restoration and preservation, please contact us.


A logical next step in the business was to commercialize these top level products.  Our knowledge and experience in working with these products is without equal and the benefits of these products are almost endless : user friendly, used for centuries with proven durability, multifunctional (indoors/outdoors/new construct/restoration/decoration) and none of the least : green market products!!! 

AD Applications was born….distributor of historical and ecological materials for the US region!

The company  “AD Applications” is the exclusive distributor for the US region of three top quality product types, all 100% natural and breathable products (GREEN MARKET).